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Are you ready to grow as a leader?


If you're not reaching your goals, I've got good news for you. It's not your fault! Unfortunately there is such a need for sales leaders, most companies have to give "battlefield promotions" to keep the organization functioning.


So who do they tap? They usually promote their higher preforming, new salespeople. And to make matters worse, they don't adequately train them for their new position. Is this your story? I'm guessing it is (read the results of our most recent survey below.)


I can certainly relate. When I was promoted to my first sales management position in the insurance industry, I'm not sure I even knew how to spell insurance yet. And my training program was, "Keep making sales, just make sure someone is sitting in your passenger seat. Go knock 'em dead kid! "


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If you want to lead your team... without making every mistake possible, and you want it to build it fast (and at an amazing bargain), this is for you.


Here's what you're getting with the membership and how it can help you NOW.

  • Maximize Your Time

    By shortening your learning curve!


    We surveyed 263 sales managers, from all over the country. Here are the results:

    • 76% of the respondents had been in sales less than 3 years prior to promotion.
    • 72% said they got either zero or highly inadequate training prior to, and then after promotion
    • 27% felt that their direct manager was able to help them be successful. As a leader, I often felt like I was on an island. Apparently I wasn't alone. I want to change that for you!


    Over the last 22 years I have been on a quest for personal and professional growth. During that time I have:

    • Read over 1,000 books on sales, leadership, and personal growth.
    • Attended 56 sales leadership conferences (many of which I have spoken at.)
    • Purchased dozens of programs on sales and sales leadership.
    • Been to more day-long, live training sessions than I can count.
    • Hired personal coaches.
    • Conservatively spent over $100,000 on personal and professional development.
    • Spoken on leadership to numerous outside organizations.
    • Spent time as a corporate trainer.
    • Lead sales teams of all sizes. From startup to $21 Million per year in new sales.
    • Made every possible mistake... Some of them twice.


    Why would you want to learn from your own mistakes?

    Can you afford to "hang in there" until you get good at this leadership thing?

    Why not learn from someone who's "been there, done that?"


    Let's supercharge your team's results without  spending years learning how!



  • Maximize Your Opportunity

    By driving your profitability.


    It's no secret that sales leadership can be extremely lucrative (and fun) if you do it right. Unfortunately most sales leaders leave tens of thousands of dollars on the table every year. I have seen sales managers lose over $50,000 in bonuses by losing sight of one or two metrics that would have driven their results over the top.


    And even when sales manager get great overrides and big bonuses, they often squander much of it on expenses, contests and things that don't drive results. Even worse, because they spent money of things that didn't drive their business, they didn't have the money to invest in those things that would have gotten them the results they so desperately wanted. Remember, it's not how much you make that counts. It's how much you get to keep that matters.  


    At the end of the day, many sales managers don't take home nearly as much money as some of their sales people. Who wants to sign up for that? Why take on the extra responsibility and experience the stress that can come with a leadership position to make less money that your sales people?


    You can be more profitable, have more fun, help more people, and still maintain work life balance. You have the chance to build generational wealth. But this doesn't happen by accident. You must grow both personally and professionally. Let's do this! The people who are counting on you deserve it. 


    Why would you want to leave money on the table?

    Do you know if the money you are "investing" into your business is showing a return?

    Are your personal finances not where you want them to be?


    Let's make sure you remain profitable and stay in the business longterm!



  • Maximize Your Impact!

    By changing people's lives.


    "It's not about you!" -Rick Warren


    Over the last 22 years I have seen people from incredibly varied backgrounds and experiences become extremely successful in sales. A very partial list includes: youth pastors, long-haul truckers, teachers, coaches, lumberjacks, car salesman, national account managers, restaurant servers, CEOs, scuba instructors, carwash attendants, mid-level managers, HVAC installers, diesel mechanics, real estate agents, and the list goes on... 


    Each one of them had different goals and objectives when they first started. Some have made more money than they ever have in their lives. Some were thrilled to get off the road and stop living in airports and hotels. Some we excited to be able to coach their kid's soccer team and not miss plays and recitals. Some were fulfilled by being able to give their time, talents and money to organizations they believed in.


    None of this would have happened if a leader didn't come alongside of them and make sure they had every possible chance for success. Great leaders believe in their people before they believe in themselves. They make sure that the people they lead have the knowledge, skillsets and supportive environment they need to achieve their goals and dreams.


    "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want." ~ Zig Ziglar.


    I ask every guest who appears on the Success Is Voluntary Podcast how they want to be remembered when it's all said and done. Not a single one of them has said, "I had the most Skymiles in the history of Delta Airlines." To a person they have given some form of, "I want to be remembered as someone who made other people's lives better." I don't know about you, but that sounds pretty good to me!


    Why feel guilty when someone doesn't make it?

    Do you know when to double down on someone or when to cut bait?

    Why not make a lifetime impact on the people you lead?


    Let's work together to impact everyone you lead! 


Each month we tackle one of the four pillars of sales leadership success:

  • Recruiting and hiring enough of the right kind
  • Onboarding and training of new recruits
  • Driving production at every level in your organization
  • Leadership development of the people on your team

We will rotate through these four pillars in order, i.e. November will be Recruiting and Hiring. December will be Onboarding and Training. January will be Driving Production. February will be Leadership Development. In March we will start all over again with recruiting.


Each month we will provide you with four pieces of content (one each week.) 



We Don't Need No Stinking Scarcity!


This is the part where I'm supposed to hammer home the idea of scarcity. I find that practice distasteful and self-serving. So instead I will point out why I know you are going to want to invest $47 per month.

  • You want to maximize your time and you know that 2019 is already flying fast. You also understand that to make sure you get off to a great start and the next few months will be critical and you will want to learn as much a possible before its too late.
  • You want to maximize your opportunity. When bonus checks come out next year, you want them to have more zeros in them. You understand that to drive your business to its full potential, you need to remain profitable. And, oh yeah, it wouldn't hurt to be able to afford that new car/vacation/college tuition for your kids, etc. 
  • You want to maximize your impact. People are counting on you to lead them to the promised land. And even though you can't drag people to success, you want to make sure you can look EVERYONE on your team in the eye and tell them that you did everything in your power to make sure they had the support and leadership necessary for success.‚Äč

Again I don't want to twist your arm by pulling some kind of "fear of loss" technique on you. The reality, however, is that there is a certain "time is of the essence" with this opportunity.


Because this a Founding Member launch, and because I want to limit the group to 100 subscribers, I have to put a time frame on it. As you can see from the countdown time above, the chance to join us this year will end at midnight (PST) on Sunday, February 3rd.


I can't wait to work with you and look forward to seeing you on the other side!

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and watch the video. Your support and encouragement mean more to me than you will ever know!


Wishing you great SUCCESS! (I've heard it's VOLUNTARY...)



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